DDM: The Recombinant Workscape


Fri, 11/7/2014

Speakers: Branko Kolarevic, Nancey Green Leigh, Suzanne Moomaw, Jeana Ripple

The Design Driven Manufacturing initiative regenerates the relationship between place and manufacturing with the goal of transitioning a post-industrial economy to a recombinant workscape.

The Design Driven Manufacturing Initiative is an interdisciplinary research project sparked by Suzanne Morse Moomaw and Jeana Ripple that uses design as the intentional factor in the revitalization of post-industrial communities –particularly tobacco, extraction, furniture, and textile areas. The role that designers play as both master builders and innovators was popularized by prominent practicing architects in the last decade (Kieran, Timberlake, 2003).

This project was originally funded by an Arts and Action grant in 2013. Since then Jeana Ripple was awarded a Jefferson Grant to expand the fabrications research component of the research over the next two years. Both Ripple and Moomaw have been supported by the School of Architecture with additional research assistants for the initiative.

9:30am Welcome
10:00am Nancey Green Leigh, Georgia Tech, Sustainable Urban Industrial Land
11:00am Branko Kolarevic, University of Calgary, Design Democracy
12:00pm Suzanne Moomaw, University of Virginia, Urban Innovation: Place + Product
12:30pm Jeana Ripple, University of Virginia, Factory of the Future: the Logistical Landscape
1:00pm Reception, Shure Outdoor Classroom

10.20.14 – 11.7.14 Elmaleh Gallery