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  Updated 4/23/06

to all members of the CHS Orchestra, for their spectacular performances at the Atlanta Fiest-Val on April 21! The 103-member combined String Orchestra earned a superior rating and first place in Division V. The 44-member String Ensemble earned a superior rating and second place in Division VI. A great time was had by all--congrats for a fantastic trip!

to both CHS Orchestras for earning straight "I," or "Superior" ratings at the District Orchestra Festival on Saturday, March 4. The Concert Orchestra performed grade 5 music, and the String Ensemble performed grade 6, the most difficult level of music.

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"At Last" is here At Last! Our third CD looks and sounds fantastic--wait until you hear it! "At Last" is available at Plan 9 records, Music and Arts Center, and through the CHS Orchestra.

2004-05 Achievements:
KUDOS to both CHS Orchestras for their stellar performances aboard the Sovereign of the Seas on April 2! Both CHS Orchestras earned a superior rating from both judges of the Cruise Music Festival. Judges' scores ranged from 95-97.

Shankar Srinivasan, Riley Moore, Fitz Gary and Marvin Brown earned selection to the prestigious 2005 All-Virginia Orchestra! The event was be held at James Madison and Oakton High Schools in Fairfax, April 7-9.

The CHS Concert Orchestra and String Ensemble each earned a "I", or superior rating, at District Orchestra Festival yesterday. The Concert Orchestra competed in grade V, and the String Ensemble competed in grade VI, the highest level of music difficulty. The String Ensemble earned a "I" from each of the four judges.

18 CHS earned selections to the 2004 Senior Regional Orchestra! Special kudos to Shankar Srinivasan, who earned the concertmaster chair for the second consecutive year, Fitz Gary, who won the principal viola chair, Sarah Harrison, who earned the principal clarinet chair, and Eva Ryan, who won the principal flute chair. Other SRO members are Mary Kate Smith, Ben Sanford, Riley Moore, Julia Nakamoto, Kate Galligan, Sarah Hemenway, Laura Schwartz, Farrell Newman, Sara Dougadir, Lucy Midelfort, Marvin Brown, Betsy Ribble, Maxx Newman, and Emma Chapman. Congrats to all who auditioned!
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