CHSO Boosters

A cardboard cutout of a bass is used as a fundraising thermometer, tracking progress towards a goal


The CHSO Boosters are parents and friends of orchestra students. We have three main functions:

• We provide behind-the-scenes support for concerts and performances—everything from uniforms to punch and cookies—to make sure they run smoothly and are enjoyable for all.

• We promote awareness of the CHSO in the community.

• We provide a variety of fundraising opportunities, so that all students are able to participate in the annual CHSO trip, in which the orchestra performs at festivals and competitions with other orchestras around the state and country.

With a program as large as our CHSO, we need lots of help and support. We welcome your interest and involvement.

—Beth MacLean, 2013–14 President

2013–14 Committees

POINSETTIA SALES Cheryl Graves, Chair
CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL COMMITTEE Suzanne Bailey and Lisa Draine, Chairs
HOSPITALITY Suzanne Bailey, Chair
FUNDRAISING Joe Allen and Paul Wagner, Chairs
PAINTED VIOLINS Ginny Wardell, Chair
UVA CONCESSIONS Betsy Noble, Chair
SILENT AUCTION Ginny Wardell, Chair
CAR WASHES Miriam Picus, Chair