The Litchfield Historical Society’s museum and library collections comprise the backbone of the institution.
Staff and volunteers generate all of the exhibits, research, publications, education and public programs, and special events from the Historical Society’s collections. Today, the Historical Society collections items with historical value or meaning significant to the institutional mission, with an emphasis on the history of the town of Litchfield from its founding to the present. The collections document all areas of town: center village, Bantam, Northfield, East Litchfield, and pre-1850s Morris. They enable us to make direct connections to the past to understand the present and future.

The majority of the museum and library collections were donated as gifts.
The Historical Society occasionally purchases items from auctions, antique dealers, or private donors but the majority of the collections are given to the museum through the generous donations of local patrons. It is through this continued patronage that the collections are able to grow.

The Historical Society is an active collecting institution.
By actively acquiring objects and papers from both Litchfield’s past and present, the Historical Society maintains a diverse permanent collection for use in exhibits, educational and public programming, and research. Learn how you can donate to the collections or contribute to the acquisition fund to help us purchase important items. (link to brochure and online giving)

The collections are accessible and searchable online. (link)
With staff and volunteers constantly working to input information into the collection databases, the majority of the permanent collections are publicly accessible, helping the Historical Society become a resource for researchers, students, and museum professionals on an international level.

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