Essays and Interviews About Marshall

The Pogue Interviews
These documents are a compilation of transcripts and notes made during late 1956 and early 1957 by and for General Marshall's newly-appointed
official biographer, Forrest C. Pogue. They represent the nearest approach to a memoir of Marshall's later career that the general ever attempted.

Essays on George C. Marshall
Very Special Relationship: Field Marshal Sir John Dill and General George Marshall (PDF, 940kb) by Alex Danchev (Nottingham University, U.K.), 1984.

George C. Marshall and the Education of Army Leaders (PDF, 670kb) by Larry I. Bland (Marshall Foundation), 1988.

George C. Marshall: Global Commander (PDF, 85kb) by Forrest C. Pogue (Marshall Foundation), 1968 (US Air Force Academy Harmon Memorial Lecture #10)

George Washington and George Marshall: Some Reflections on the American Military Tradition (PDF, 160kb) Don Higginbotham (UNC-Chapel Hill), 1984 (US Air Force Academy Harmon Memorial Lecture #26)

George C. Marshall: A Study in Character (PDF, 125kb) by Colonel Charles F. Brower (U.S. Military Academy), 1999

George C. Marshall: Soldier of Peace (external link) an Exhibit, National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution ), 1997

Marshall and the "Plan" by Larry Bland

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