THE GEORGE C. MARSHALL FOUNDATION supports many educational and outreach programs in strengthening the Foundation mission to extend the legacy of George Catlett Marshall. The Foundation promotes research and study through its Marshall Undergraduate Scholars Program and the Baruch Research Fellowships. Programs and projects are achieved with the support of outside agencies such as the Department of the Army and the Department of the Air Force in hosting the Army and Air Force ROTC Award Seminars on National Security, and the Army Junior ROTC Leadership Symposium. International conferences on aspects of the Marshall Plan and the Marshall Era are a vital part of the programmatic aspects of the Marshall Foundation and are held regularly in cooperation with other Foundations and agencies world wide. The calendar of events for the Foundation is updated regularly and we encourage you to visit this location frequently for information on the Foundation's programmatic offerings.

Teaching Resources
The George C. Marshall Foundation is dedicated to assisting classroom instructors in securing information required to teach the subjects of the Marshall Era. The Foundation provides the J. Clifford Miller, Jr. 20th Century Virginia Role Models to public schools (middle through high school) as aids in teaching character based education and leadership principles. The Role Models program features units on Marshall, President Woodrow Wilson, Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell, tennis great Arthur Ashe, and Maggie Walker, the first female bank President. The Museum Gift Shop has a number of teacher aids dealing with World War II, D-Day, the Cold War as well as books on Marshall and other leaders of the 20th Century.

The programs of the Foundation are designed to promote the character traits of George C. Marshall – candor, commitment, courage, integrity and selflessness – in a way that inspires leadership by those characteristic traits. The foundation accomplishes its mission by conducting programs of contemporary service to our nation and the international community on the military, statesmanship, and citizen levels – supported by our research, library, and museum functions. Further information is available from the Vice President for Programs or through the links listed below. Further information is available from the Vice President for Programs or through the links listed below.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Scholar Recognition
The Marshall Foundation promotes research and study on the undergraduate and graduate levels through a program of educational grants and scholar recognition. This includes the Marshall-Baruch Research Fellowships and the Marshall Undergraduate Scholars program.

The George C Marshall Film Library. A guide to George C. Marshall motion pictures. It includes reference videotapes housed at the George C. Marshall Research Library (GCMRL) in Lexington, VA and many other repositories.