Scholarships, Fellowships, and Scholar Recognition

Marshall Undergraduate Scholars Program
The Marshall Scholarship program gives undergraduate students at selected Virginia and Mid-Atlantic colleges an opportunity to do research and writing using primary materials. The Scholar may choose any subject involving 20th-century diplomatic and military history or political affairs from 1898 to 1960--the approximate dates of George C. Marshall's public service.

Marshall-Baruch Fellowships
The Marshall-Baruch Fellowships are given to encourage doctoral or postdoctoral research in 20th-century U.S. military or diplomatic history and related fields. The fellowships are administered by the George C. Marshall Foundation a non- profit, non-governmental institution and generated from a gift provided annually by the Baruch Family Foundation of Encino, California. The fellowships honor the career of George C. Marshall, 20th-century solider-statesman, and the Baruch family.

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