THE MISSION OF THE George C. Marshall Research Library is to collect, perserve, and make available to scholars a documented record of the life and public service career of George Catlett Marshall. That mission includes a variety of military and diplomatic history issues betwen the years 1900 and 1960. Many of Marshall's contemporaries have donated their documents in support of the library's mission.

The library's materials are available for individual loan and through the interlibrary loan network. Contact your local library for information on interlibrary loan options.

The research Library's main holding is the George C. Marshall Papers. In addition, there are over 145 other collections which are housed in a three-story government security vault which is temperature and humidity controlled to aid in preservation of documents. Collections range from a single folder such as a diary kept by a prisoner-of-war during the Battle of the Bulge to multi-folder divisional histories and newsletters.

Overview of Research Library Collections

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A subset of the Research Library’s extensive holdings are available to be viewed online, either as web pages or as downloadable PDFs. As with all the library’s holdings, these items relate to military and political issues surrounding the life and times of George C. Marshall. The online collections have been developed around the following topic areas:

  • George C. Marshall
  • The Marshall Plan
  • Unit Histories: World War I, World War II, the Korean War
  • The Women’s Army Corps
  • Biographies of leading military and political figures 1900-1960
  • The Cold War up to 1960

Selected documents from the library’s extensive collection of documents covering the military and diplomatic history of the United States during George C. Marshall’s career from 1900 to 1960.

The library contains over 2,000 maps from World Wars I and II. The collection includes maps from of the trenches of World War I, maps documenting the daily progress made during the battles of World War II, and maps from the French and German forces during both wars.

There are over 800 posters from World Wars I and II in the libraryís holdings. Collections from France, Germany, Canada, Great Britain, Russia, Poland, and the United States are included, specifically a German propaganda poster collection donated by Forest C. Pogue.

The library has an extensive collection of photographs taken throughout George C. Marshallís career with the U.S. Army and well into his later years. Included in this collection are photographic documentations of WAC activities, prisoner of war camps, soldiers in uniform, the perils of World War II training, and portraits of officers.

The Library has catalogued over 100 films on World War II and other post-war subjects. Videos referencing all aspects of Marshallís career are available, as well as USIA films documenting the European recovery initiated by the Marshall Plan for Economic Recovery.

The Library holds a collection of recorded Marshall interviews held by Forrest C. Pogue. This includes the original recording of the Marshall Plan speech made at the Harvard Commencement June 5, 1947. Also available are interviews with more than 300 of General Marshallís associates and friends along with other oral histories from World War II.

The oral history program collects interviews with individual who have recollections of General Marshall or other information that further documents the library’s areas of interest.

The oral history collection is divided into two distinct types:

  • The open oral history collection
  • Taped interviews of General Marshall by Dr. Forrest C. Pogue
  • General Marshall's dictation of answers to written question submitted to him by Dr. Pogue
  • Interview notes made by Dr. Pogue of interviews with General Marshall
  • Most of the raw tapes of the BBC production of "Spark to Fire the Engines"
  • The closed oral history collection (closed until releases can be obtained by the interviewees)
  • Taped interviews of associates of General Marshall conducted by Dr. Pogue
  • Taped interviews by Dr. Edward M. Coffman on topics relevant to our collection

The Marshall-Baruch Research Scholarship. Given to encourage doctoral and postdoctoral research in 20th century military or diplomatic history.

George C. Marshall: A Life of Service. Part of the "20th Century Virginia Role Models" website, produced by the George Marshall Foundation.

The George C Marshall Film Library. A guide to George C. Marshall motion pictures. It includes reference videotapes housed at the George C. Marshall Research Library (GCMRL) in Lexington, VA and many other repositories.

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