Staff of the Foundation
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Wesley B. Taylor, Jr. President & CEO
Alice J. Lee Executive Asst. to the President
Natalie R. Garvis Executive Director of Administration
Brian D. Shaw Executive V. P., Director of Development & Communications
K. Jane Dunlap Assoc. Director of Development & Director of Corporate Relations
Leigh H. McFaddin Asst. to the Executive V. P. Development & Communications
Robert B. James V. P. & Director of Outreach Programs
Craig A. Lawhorne Assoc. Director of Programs
Joanne D. Hartog Director of Research and Scholarly Programs
Deborah G. Barron Executive Asst. to V. P. & Director of Outreach Programs
Larry I. Bland Senior Director & Editor, Marshall Papers
Sharon Ritenour Stevens Assoc. Editor, Marshall Papers
Joellen K. Bland Editorial Asst., Marshall Papers & Director, Memories Project
Paul B. Barron Director of Library & Archives
Peggy L. Dillard Asst., Library/Archives
Anne S. Wells Consultant to Foundation Library
Del Eschbach Library Volunteer
Jeanne E. Pedersen Director of Graphic Services
Paula N. Cushman Director of Museum
Lily Hindenberger Housekeeping