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  Learning to Finish  
  Learning to Finish™ Campaign Launched  
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Learning to Finish™ is a campaign launched by the Pew Partnership for Civic Change in October 2006 that seeks to address the dropout problem in communities ready to meet this challenge as a community-wide concern.

Two cities, Shreveport, LA and Jacksonville, FL, have demonstrated civic interest in dropout and literacy initiatives in the past and will serve as our pilot communities. We will provide these communities with information, assistance, and the tools they need, as well as assistance in monitoring their progress.

We have developed the first dropout “wiki”; a “wiki” is a website that acts like an encyclopedia with one key difference – any registered user can make changes to the content. The Pew Partnership for Civic Change has already organized and posted content related to case studies, the latest research, and best practices. New users can register for free and begin posting relevant material at any time.

Inventing Civic Solutions
Click image for more information about the discussion guide.

The Pew Partnership for Civic Change has also published a dropout discussion guide titled Learning to Finish: The School Dropout Crisis. Here the case is made for a community-wide approach to solving the dropout problem and the five elements that should serve as the core of any community-wide dropout effort.

An overview of the discussion guide, and the campaign, is detailed in the 2006 edition of our Solutions for America newsletter. The newsletter is available for free via PDF download.
You may also order the Discussion Guide.

The Pew Partnership for Civic Change plans to select 25 communities to participate in the Learning to Finish™ campaign by 2008. Each community will move ahead with an initiative that corresponds to its unique interests, resources, and capabilities with an emphasis on high school transition programs.

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