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Our weekly series of essays, reviews, and miscellaneous prose pieces, selected from the journals, magazines, and books sent our way each month.

Albert Goldbarth's "Library"
During Poetry Month (April) 2001, we invited more than two dozen previously featured poets and all Poetry Daily readers to add lines to Albert Goldbarth's poem, "Library." Read the result, including special parting lines by Albert Goldbarth.

"O Body Swayed to Music"
The poet, R. T. Smith, reviews recent and classic books on poetry writing and reading in a four-part series of articles written specially for Poetry Daily.

Pig Notes & Dumb Music
Selections from William Heyen's Pig Notes & Dumb Music: Prose on Poetry, a collection of "monologues, essays, diatribes, tales, and asides" (Kirkus Reviews) on poetry and the writing life.

Poetry Magazine's Eighty-Fifth Anniversary
Selections from the historic magazine's anniversary double issue (October-November 1997).

Ecco Press Essential Poets Series
Selections from a series of "Greats" books which began in 1988 with The Essential Keats and continues to expand.

David Lehman's Daily Poem
Since January 1996, David Lehman has been writing a poem nearly every day. The result of his work during National Poetry Month, April, 1998.

Interviews with poets previously featured in Poetry Daily.

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