Regular weekly worship services begin at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. Child care and Sunday school are provided during worship. Coffee is available upon arrival and a social hour follows worship.


In keeping with the inclusive, celebratory character of the church, our choir sings music from a wide variety of styles and historical periods, ranging from the sixteenth-century Palestrina to the contemporary Brazilian Ernani Aguiar, and including along the way African-American spirituals and gospel songs, African praise and freedom songs, traditional American shape-note hymns, Shaker hymns, and songs from contemporary feminist Jewish composers. 


Sermons given at Sojourners are posted online at our Sermons Blog.


Significant annual giving is an important part of our mission.  The congregation has committed itself to setting aside a substantial percentage of its income for use beyond the local church.

Christian Education

Sojourners is a child-friendly community. Children are welcome to attend part or all of our worship services. There is a specially designated "Time with Children" offered year-round which typically consists of a music lesson or storytelling.

Social Justice

Social justice is an important concern at Sojourners United Church of Christ. Each member of the congregation is encouraged to participate in one of the church’s established groups.