Biology 358

A course taught by a modified Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach involving the study of the structure and three-dimensional relationships of the central and peripheral nervous systems of humans, correlated with normal and abnormal function.


Although the individual lecture objectives are explained at the beginning of each lecture in the Neuroanatomy Lecture Note Series (3'rd ed.), my overall course objectives are summarized as follows. At the completion of this course you should have:

  • Had fun and enjoyed the term
  • Learned how to develop an integrated knowledge base
  • Further increased your overall problem solving skills, including your ability to define problems, gather and evaluate information, and develop solutions
  • Further developed effective knowledge acquisition skills
  • Further developed your team skills
  • Further increased your communication skills
  • Further developed your self-assessment skills
  • Further increased your ability to assess the work of others
  • Further increased your ability to identify, find and use appropriate resources
  • Developed a 3-dimensional understanding of neuroanatomical relationships within the brain and spinal cord
  • Developed an understanding of how the various anatomical and functional subdivisions of the nervous system work together in the production of neurological activity, both conscious and subconscious.
  • Increased your test taking abilities
  • A firm understanding of the terminology utilized in anatomy in general, and neuroanatomy in particular
  • Accomplished the specific goals listed at the beginning of each lecture section, as outlined in the Neuroanatomy Lecture Notes.


  • "Neuroanatomy Lecture Notes" (5'th ed.) by R.B. Tallitsch (2000) Rock Island: Augustana Press.

This will be a "Blended" Course

Bob Tallitsch is currently working to make Neuroanatomy (Biology 358) a “blended course” in which students will download and view lecture material in video format before coming to class. Lecture content and associated PBL-problems will be discussed in class in order to more fully understand lecture content.

Video Download Page (coming soon).